The Earbud That Changes Everything

NAQI is a revolutionary technology platform that transforms our inconspicuous micro-gestures into instant commands to control all the devices where we work, live or play.


The Closest Thing to Magic

With the NAQI powered-earbud you can effortlessly control computers, machines and robots in your world without talking to them, touching them or looking at them.

It may seem like magic. We call it NAQI.

The Naqi Earbud

Command the Internet of Things Effortlessly

Our Naqi Earbud will revolutionize the worldwide smart earbud and wearables market. It represents a major paradigm shift to the current state of the growing smart earbuds market, offering a new command and control capability that no other earbud or other wearable offers.

Naqi-earbud prototypes have already been built and are now being refined with our partners in pre-commercial testing.

The Naqi Platform

Unlimited Possibilities

Naqi’s technology and its cloud-based platform will be licensed to partners and manufactures in every sector that can benefit from a hands-free/ voice-free connection to digital devices.

Partner with NAQI to Change the Way We Work, Live and Play



Augment Your Reality

WIth the NAQI earbud, gamers will have a way of controlling virtual and augmented reality that has low latency and another dimension of control.

Smart Home Tech

Smart Home Tech

Welcome Control

Control every light, appliance and device in your home with less than the blink of an eye.



At Your Command

With the NAQI earbud you can control robots and drones, without a control pad or joystick. It is a new way of commanding devices that seems almost telepathic.

Driver and Operator Safety

Driver and Operator Safety

Your Trusted Co-Pilot

The naqi earbud will alert you when you are tired or not focusing on your driving, to keep you and those around you safe.



Removing Barriers for All

Control all the devices around you without using a mouse, joystick, keyboard or voice commands. For the millions with mobility and accessiblity issues it will be transformational.

Touch Free Payments

Touch Free Payments

Don’t Touch. Just Buy.

The world’s needs touch-free technologies more than ever. With NAQI, you can do transactions without losing a beat.

First Responders

First Responders

Empowering Protectors

The people who keep us safe can’t afford distractions. Naqi allows unsurpassed situational awareness with hands and eye free control.

Computer Controls

Computer Controls

Bye, Bye Mouse

Say goodbye to the mouse, keyboard, joystick, voice commands or touchscreens. It’s a new way to command any computer.



Flying Reimagined

Drones are transforming our world. Now you can control them in a way never before possible.

The Naqi Logix Team

We are Naqi

NAQI's breakthrough technology is being developed by a global team that have been responsible for major breakthroughs in bio-tech and technology.

It includes engineers, software developers, patent specialists and pioneers in wireless and sensor technologies, hardware and software development, as well as product design, development and commercialization.

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